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Swim Team & Lessons

2014 4-Times Narragansett All Pool Meet Champions!

2014 4-Time Narragansett Swim League All-Pool Meet Champions!

The 2018 All Pool Meet will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 4th and 5th at Kendbrin!! 

The last couple of years, the competitive swimming team has experienced unparallel success. The team has been undefeated the last five years in dual meet competition and the going-away-winner in the All Pool Meet Championship swim meet at the end of the summer. The team has grown to a 140-member team ranging from ages 5-16.

We are looking forward to another successful season! Sign-ups will begin Memorial Day weekend and continue through the first week of July. Please be sure to download the form and deliver it to Sandy, Samantha or the gatehouse.

Coaches: Sandy Gorham, Samantha Rendine, Cali Diehl, and TBA

Team Fees

First child: $45

Second child: $40

Third child: $35

Fourth child: Free

There will also be a $25 All Pool Meet fee per family. If this fee is not paid by the All Pool meet, the child will not receive a team gift.

Those who would like to continue to wear last years suits are welcome to and those who would like the new team suits can buy them for the cost of $35 for females and $30 per jammer.  Beach Party will be here to size everyone on: TBA.  The Kendbrin caps will be a hunter green color with a two color print.  You can perchance those for a cost of $4.  The coaches insist that swimmers wear the new caps this year.  Those who would like to order a silicone cap may do so at the cost of $12 per cap with the same design.

Practice Schedule:

Ages 9 and over: Monday through Friday 8:30 to 10am

Ages 8 and under: Monday through Friday 9 to 10 am.


Swim Meet Schedule

2018’s Schedule:

July 5        at Fuller                              Warm-up @ 4:30 pm                Start @ 5:00 pm

July 10      BYE

July 12     at Greenwich                       Warm-up @ 8:00 am                Start @ 9:00 am

July 17     Abbott Valley Run               Warm-up @ 8:00 am                Start @ 9:00 am

July 19     at Sher-Le-Mon                   Warm-up @ 8:00 am                Start @ 9:00 am

July 24     Fuller                                    Warm-up @ 8:00 am                Start @ 9:00 am

July 26     Greenwich                            Warm-up @ 8:00 am                 Start @ 9:00 am

July  31    BYE

*Awards Night date is  

Competitive Diving Teamdive

Practices are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 2pm.

Coachs: Samantha Rendine and Izzy Rotondo


First child: $25

Second child: $20

Third child: $15

Fourth child: Free

Diving meets occur following all swim meets.

The 2018 All Dive Meet will be held on Friday August 3th at TBA!!!!

Swim Lessons begin June 25th!

Lessons are held Monday – Friday in half-hour sessions from 10:15-12:30.

Sign-up at the gatehouse starting opening day – there is no additional cost for swim lessons.

Click here for level descriptions.  This will help you decide the appropriate level your child should be in.  We will also help assess appropriate skill level designation.

Click here to view swimmer levels to determine the proper level for your child.

About Swim at Kendbrin

The Kendbrin Swim Team is a friendly and competitive swimming team whose aim is to provide regular training, as well as, light competition during the summer.

All swimmers are required to swim in at least two meets during the season.

Our focus is having fun, keeping fit, and working together as a team in a competitive environment.

All swimmers should strive to develop the four qualities of good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, perseverance and determination. These four qualities are important both in and out of the pool. These are life skills that will help athletes succeed in all arenas.

The Kendbrin Swim Team will encourage all swimmers, regardless of skill level and achievement, to enjoy and understand the healthy benefits of swimming and competing.


The season consists of daily morning practices, Monday through Friday (with some exceptions) and weekly swim meets on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Practice attendance is very important to the development of each swimmer. Consistent practice attendance will lead to greater improvement in both technique and times by the end of the season.

Our season concludes with the All Pool meet during which each swimmer has the opportunity to compete against swimmers from all of the teams. This is the largest and longest meet of the season, where the top six finishers in each event receive medals for their achievement. Additionally, the league will give out one award is for the league champion.

There are many goals of the Kendbrin Swim Team. Each coach has made the following commitments:

1. To help foster a positive and enjoyable environment that is conducive to the development of both swimming and social skills.

2. To provide swimmers with knowledge of the four competitive strokes- front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

3. To help swimmers develop their swimming technique to the best of their ability for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment.

4. To develop a youth athletic program which encourages good sportsmanship and fosters a sense of team and community?

5. To encourage participation in all practices and meets by swimmers of all abilities.

6. To encourage swimmers to support and encourage their teammates at meets and practices.

7. To create an environment at swim meets where cheering is as important as competing and where swimmers can learn the joys of competition.

8. To instill a positive attitude and good self-esteem in all swimmers.

9. To demonstrate the role that swimming can play in maintaining health, well being and balance throughout each swimmer’s lifetime.

10. To promote enthusiasm, team spirit, and team building.