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    “Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

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    We are full for the summer of 2018

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  • Summer Fun!

    A summer filled with fun at Kendbrin.

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    Movie Nights…Grill nights and more!

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    7 Beautiful tennis courts!

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Summer Fun!

Family Day!

Will Mr. Diehl maintain his championship title in the belly flop contest on Family Day 2015?

Will Mr. Diehl keep his championship title in the belly flop contest on Family Day 2016?

Sunday, July 15th- The Highlight of the Kendbrin season!

A fun-filled day for families, the whole club is split into red, blue or yellow teams for games and the whole staff gets involved. Lifeguards participate in field and water games and captain the teams.

Pony rides and arts and crafts for little adventurers. Animal Experience brings all different animals for members to hold– from alligators to chinchillas, turtles to snakes, frogs and lizards.

Plus, everybody’s favorite: biggest splash and belly flop contests for all ages!

Grill Nights

Held every Wednesday and Sunday as well as holidays.

Come grill on our BBQ pit & dine under the pavilion. Beer and wine is allowed on these nights after 4pm but must be consumed in the snack bar area.  This is a family club and we do not want people walking the grounds with alcohol.

Family Campout

Date: August 31st

Bring your own tent and we supply the campfire, music & fun. The cost is $30 per family which includes breakfast and coffee the next morning.

Everyone must be accompanied by a parent if they are under the age of 18.

Pool open until and supervised 11pm!

Join Campout Haley for a fun night of activities and s’mores!

Parents Night Out!

Bring the kids to Kendbrin and go enjoy yourself!

Parents Night’s Out will be held from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. Children 5 and older can attend for $5 per child.

Children will enjoy snacks, games, swimming, and a movie while supervised by our staff!

Dates: June 29th, July 27th, August 10th


Kendbrin Cooks for You!

You need to eat on Friday nights, so why not enjoy a good, refreshing swim at the end of a long work week while we cook for you. Instead of you cooking like grill night, let the Kendbrin staff cook for you instead. The cost will be between $3-$5 dollars depending on the meal. The dates we’re thinking of are of the following:

Friday, TBA :   “Schools Out, Let the Summer Begin!”

A delicious favorite summer meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings and watermelon. Plus, there’s no better way to top off the night than with a “Make Your Own Sundae” bar!

Friday, TBA :   “Rhode Island Night”

What is more Rhode Island than Haven Brother wieners (all the way), coffee milk, a Rhody favorite found  only in RI, french fries, and onion rings. What better way to end a delicious meal than watching a movie after? A movie night will be sure to follow!

Friday, TBA :   “Taco Night”

Come and have some tacos, quesedillas, and chips and salsa with your Kendbrin family! There will be hard and soft tacos, beef and chicken tacos, and beef and chicken quesidillas!

Friday, TBA : “Clam Cakes and Chowder”

Being the Ocean State we can’t have a day without clam cakes and chowder and this doesn’t require a ride to Blount’s or Iggy’s.


Bring your friends and have a blast at Kendbrin!

Bring your friends and have a blast at Kendbrin!

Want to have a party at Kendbrin?

Guest rates apply for all non-members ($5 for adults, $3 for children and $15 for families). Have a party at Kendbrin for your birthday, graduation or other fun events! Please schedule all parties at the gatehouse.  Contact Sandy Gorham or e-mail us at kendbrin@gmail.com if you have any questions. Parties can be held during club hours. If you are interested in staying later than 8:00 pm, please contact Sandy Gorham.  We don’t hold parties on grill nights on Wednesday or Sunday nights.