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Welcome back to the Kendbrin Snack Bar! To the returning members and new members alike, we look forward to having another great summer in the kitchen.

We expect you will notice a few changes when you place your orders this summer. The cash register has been upgraded, and is now able to accept credit and debit cards. We hope that this additional option makes it much more convenient for customers to order food, removing the pressure of bringing cash to the club everyday. Our entire interface on the cash register is touchscreen-based now, which will allow our cashiers to place orders much more efficiently as well.

This year we have also switched our food provider to a company called Sysco. Previously our food, drinks, ice cream, and bread products came from four different providers. With Sysco, however, our entire ordering process has been consolidated to one company, which has streamlined our entire ordering process. Their own contracts are the reason why we now serve Pepsi products instead of Coke products, as well as some different brands of food, another change from previous years.  Sysco has been very helpful working with us to improve the quality of many of our menu items, and we look forward to sharing them with all of you.

Once again we also have several “Kendbrin Cooks for You” nights planned for the summer, as well as Family Day in July. If you have any recommendations for menu items we can add or improvements we can make, please share them with us as we always appreciate hearing them. As always, if you have any questions about the snack bar, don’t hesitate to ask-we are always happy to answer them.

See you at the Snack Bar!

Snack Bar Menu: